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Our Mission

Transform healthcare by offering a precise, cost-effective, and instantly accessible health screening solution for mobile users across the globe.

Malaria Detection

Our initial focus on combatting malaria in Africa holds the potential to save millions of lives. Currently, more than 600,000 individuals succumb to this deadly disease each year. 95% of all malaria cases are in Africa.

Malaria Kills 462,000 Children Annually

  • 99% Would like to end Malaria
  • 81% Would use our test
  • 78% Say accuracy is key factor
  • 83% Would recommend us

Scaanz Survey

Conducted in Ghana - Jan. 2024

Beyond Malaria

While our primary focus centers on eradicating malaria, these additional opportunities underscore the potential for our Scaanz AI platform to revolutionize disease and drug detection across diverse healthcare domains.


Animal Testing

Drug Testing

Investment Opportunities


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